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bearprince's Journal

8 December
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Well, for some reason I can only edit my profile on mobile, so let's hope this doesn't look too bad!

HI THERE! I'm Nico, but a lot of people call me by my online handle, Crown. I'm a weird non-binary fella from California with an associate's degree in animation, currently working on my bachelor's. I'd be super pleased if you could refer to me by either my name or with they/them probouns! I like creepy things, desert aesthetic, Lisa Frank, and YOU!

This journal is mostly used for use in the Pokemon Collector's community, although I'll also post art and general chit-chat from time to time! I really like cactuses. I'm blind in one eye. I have a boyfriend named Sam and we watch a lot of Gundam together, and also he can down like four tacos in five seconds. One time I asked him why we didn't have "sphere maps" and he had to calmly remind me that globes exist.

I'm a wacky, goofy, laid-back dude who likes to chat around and have a good time! Feel free to add me if you wanna, I don't mind at all! WE CAN TALK ABOUT POKEMON.